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Studies have found that modern humans are facing three threats of aging: physiological aging, pathological aging and psychological aging. As we age, the senescence and death of cells is a natural phenomenon of metabolism. If the gene changes, it is easy to increase the risk of cell aging and even cancer.

The key to aging lies in three factors: influence of external environment, internal system regulation and internal and external balance regulation. The anti-aging gene test targets these three factors. In addition to analyzing the cell aging related genes, it also includes the ability to eliminate toxins from the external environment, allowing you to understand your needs more accurately and customized your health care solutions.

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Anti-Aging Gene Testing

This test can detect 4 main types of aging and 97 gene sequencing (SNPs) in the anti-aging gene related categories accurately at once.

Cell Senescence (32 genes in total)
Cells are the smallest life unit components of the human body. Every minute, there are many cells in the human body that reproduce and regenerate cells to maintain growth, development, reproduction, and repair after injury.
Toxin Metabolism (15 genes in total)
The accumulation of extrinsic toxins in the body is one of the key factors that cause body aging. The liver, lungs, intestines, and kidneys are the main organs in the body which are responsible for the metabolism and excretion of toxins.
Nutritional Metabolism (25 genes in total)
The process of cell growth and metabolism requires many nutrients. Analyzes your innate nutritional metabolism based on the three major nutritional requirements of the human body through lipid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism and protein metabolism.
Immune Regulation (25 genes in total)
The immune system is the basic protective net of the body. Continuous external damage and stimulation or long-term inflammation can easily lead to premature aging of the body. Through the analysis of the three immune directions of antigen presentation, immune training and inflammatory factors, you can understand your innate immune regulation status.

Exclusive Anti-Aging Gene Detection

Allow you to master the ability of anti-aging cells easily.

The anti-aging gene test analyzes the 4 major directions that are most likely to cause aging.

Cells are the smallest unit of the human body and you can analyze the anti-aging ability of your cells through genetic testing
The accumulation of external toxins will become a burden to the body and a key factor of aging. Detoxification is one of the keys to anti-aging.
Nutrients is the source to maintain the body energy, easy to manage anti-aging ability through understand the nutrients Metabolism.
The immune system is the human protective shield, understanding immunity is one of the key factors for anti-aging maintenance.

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