Brain Vitality™

Access your brain potential and enhance your intelligence

What You Get By Brain Vitality™?

Analyse your brain type and brain health status tracking
Evaluate your Brain Vitality™ in 4 aspects
Health solutions planning, continuous monitoring and prevent brain aging

Backed By Science

Brain Vitality™ uses sensors to measure and analyze the brain responses of specific brain processes and displays the information of brain activities. By using artificial intelligence technology, we can understand your brain functionality by comparing your individual brain networks to the matched age world’s largest growing database of brain record. By closely tracking individual changes, Brain Vitality™ could therefore provides valuable cognitive assessments and personalized brain healthcare to enhance your health.

for age 12-85
Founded in 2006
and expanded to Europe and China market
extensive brain database
60+ Patents
with FDA & CE approval

Suitable For Anyone Who Wants To…

  • Evaluate the performance of neurological consistency, clear thinking, emotional stability and response efficiency
  • Hope to improve intelligence and response capability
  • Hope to improve physical and mental health
  • Pursue continuous improvement of personal performance and career success

Evaluate Processes

Fill in the questionnaire
Place a light net electrodes on your head
Perform simple computer-based task to trigger specific brain responses
The data will be uploaded to the cloud synchronously with database data for comparison and analysis
Customize your personalized health plan
Track your brain health over time

Find Out Which of The 5 Brain Types You Are