Glow from the inside out through genetic testing of youth beauty

Everyone’s genes are unique, and the skin’s genes have been determined at birth. However, state of the skin can be changed through personalized skin care plan

Stimulate 5 Vital Skin Functions

Firming & Lifting
Repair and Smoothing
Anti-Aging and Anti-Oxidant
Brightening, Moisturizing and Spot Correction
Detox, Anti-Inflammatory And Sensitivity

Suitable For Anyone Who Wants To…

  • Analyze skin condition
  • Keep their skin youthful
  • Improve sensitive skin
  • Reverse skin age
  • Find the most effective skin solutions

Decoding Your Beauty Secret

With UV damage, hustle lifestyle and aging, the skin becomes lose of radiance and elasticity.

With international standard DNA laboratory testing, it can detect 14 gene sequencing (SNPs) in 5 major beauty categories accurately and effectively, and analyze the nature of the skin’s innate genes.

Personalized Skin Care Solution

Analyze your skin's genetic code and customize an exclusive beauty skin solution.

Analyze Your Skin Code

Understand your speed of aging

Analyze Skin Quality

Visualize and analyze current skin condition

Skin Conditioning

The professional team will introduce you the most suitable genetic nutrition products and provide tailor-made personal beauty solutions.

Aesthetic Services

The professional team will refer to Aesthetic services (if necessary)

Improve Skin Texture

The professional team continues to optimize skin condition and track the improvement

Patented Technology

Up to 14 genetic skin problems and understand your 5 skin functions
International ISO13485 quality management system certification
Tailor-made Asian genetic testing technology

Experience the new DNA Skincare craze

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