How Genetic Affects Your Body Type

Weight management is a healthy lifestyle concept more than a pursuit for slim body shape.

Combined with personalized weight health management, exercise and balance diet, you may transform into a perfect body shape and stay healthy.

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  • Seek for healthy, effective weight-loss methods without taking the pills
  • Pass the stagnation period of weight loss
  • Maintain body shape
  • Get rid of excessive oral intake
  • Lose weight without on diet method
  • Find out if they have genetic obesity problem
  • Reach the expected goal

Obesity Genetic Test

This test can detect 4 main types of obesity and 11 gene sequencing (SNRs) in obesity-related categories accurately and effectively at once. It helps to analyze your obesity gene constitution and crack your genetic code.

Fat-Prone Type
Related to the obese gene group which is responsible for fat production and metabolism in the body.
Metabolic Imbalance Type
Related to the gene function which is responsible for the energy metabolism of cells.
Appetite Out-of-Control Type
Related to the weaken of appetite control function which leads to overeating.
Endocrine Dysregulation
Related to the dysfunction of gene group specializes in regulating the activity of insulin or estrogen.

Patented Technology

Analyze 4 main types of obesity and 11 gene sequencing (SNRs) in obesity-related categories
ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Management Systems
Customized Asian gene sequencing technology

Customized DNA Nutrition Formula

Endocrine Regulation
Increase Satiety
Fat Burning
Cellular Energy Boosting

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