Stroke or Dementia is Irreversible

The brain is the most important organ of the human body as it controls the functions for all parts of the body. If there is brain problem such as stroke or Dementia, some functions will be disabled and it is almost impossible to recover. In recent years, more young patients suffer with stroke or cognitive Dementia, so early prevention is a key to ensure a flexible and healthy life.

Vascular Health Management

In recent years, the number of strokes in Hong Kong has increased significantly and become one of the leading cause of death in Hong Kong. Part of the nerve cells can become necrotic when the brain tissue cannot get enough nourishment and oxygen, due to the blockage and bursting of the blood vessels in the brain and lead to brain injury. Severe cases may result in coma or death. Thus, performing regular Vascular Health Management is one of the effective prevention methods.

Cognitive Health Management

Dementia is one of the brain diseases and are caused by abnormal brain changes. Nerve cells in different areas of the brain become damaged and eventually die which lead to brain atrophy and degeneration in brain function. It affects memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, learning capacity, language, and judgement and can even change a person's personality and behavior. Dementia is irreversible, there is no treatment currently available to cure dementia and therefore Cognitive Health Management can help predicting the risk of dementia.

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Risk Factors Stroke Dementia
Age (Middle age/ Aged 55 or above)
Lack of exercise
Unhealthy eating habit
Individuals who suffer from Hyperextension
Individuals who suffer from Diabetes
Individuals who suffer from heart diseases/ cardiovascular diseases
Family history
Congenital cerebral aneurysm or thin blood vessel walls
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Retinal images

One photo of your eyes is all it takes to assess stroke and dementia risks

Retinal blood vessels are the only body blood vessels that can be directly observed using retinal imaging techniques such as fundus cameras.

With advanced technologies and biostatistical methods, it automatically analyzes the overall cerebrovascular stat by captured binocular retinal fundus images to assess the stroke and Cognitive Health Risk.

Dementia is not for the elderly only

Features of the analysis:

Developed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong
Obtained the patents of the United States, China and Taiwan
Adopt cloud system operation, evaluate the overall cardiovascular status through retinal image analysis system, analyze and assess the risk of stroke, with an accuracy of up to 94%
Assess Dementia with an accuracy of 80%
Can detect 94% of cases of retinopathy

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